The Oakwood Surgery

Statement of Purpose

The essence of NHS General Practice is to provide care free at the point of need for patients who are ill, perceive themselves to be ill or are in the final days of their lives.

Here at the Oakwood Surgery we want to go further than that.  We want to provide NHS patients with all of the perceived benefits of private medicine so that our patients feel special in our care.  To do this, we have created our vision which guides us and a set of core team aims which act as tenants of our practice.

Our Vision

To provide exceptional NHS Family Medicine in first class surroundings for all the family, from sapling to great oak.

Team Aims

Up to date, evidence based care

To achieve this, all of our Partners attend update courses on General Practice once every three years as a minimum.  We have a broad selection of clinical protocols which are updated at least annually. The protocols are based upon the best available up to date national and local guidance.  We regularly discuss the clinical protocols in weekly practice meetings where we are all given the opportunity to present and discuss the current protocols and suggest changes.

Respect and Dignity

We have and use protocols on child and adult safeguarding, chaperoning and equality and diversity.  We have disabled access toilets and a hearing aid loop system.  We have side rooms available for patients whom do not want to sit in the main waiting area or for breastfeeding mothers who prefer to feed out of public sight.

A comfortable patient journey

We try our best to maintain close relationships and hence close communication with other local healthcare providers.  As such we try to create the impression for our patients that the health and social care systems are integrated and strive to deliver seamless handovers of care.  To achieve this we have one staff member whom is employed to liaise with other health care providers on behalf of the surgery team and on behalf of patients.  We also employ a Patient Advocate whose role it is to assist our most vulnerable patients in navigating health and social care pathways whilst developing a directory of services for the rest of the team to use.

Easy access to care

We provide a large variety of methods of access to our services so that patients have freedom of choice for whatever suits their lifestyle.  We cater for walk in patients, telephone access, SKYPE, emails, online ordering of prescriptions and online access to medical records and results.  

We have a bespoke practice website which is regularly updated by our in house team and is available in over 40 different languages. We also have a Facebook and Twitter accounts through which we provide regular updates to patients and are contactable.

We provide extended hours access with both early morning and late evening appointments once per week for those patients who struggle to get in at other times.  For those times when the practice is closed, we offer call diversion to the local out of hours care provider so that patients can always access care via our telephone number 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. We also have a dedicated emergency telephone number for our patients.

Choice of care options

As well as providing easy access to care at the Oakwood Surgery via a large variety of options we also champion patient choice as it is recognised in the NHS constitution.  We ensure that patients are aware of their right of choice of provider and their right to a second opinion.  We endeavour to understand the local care options and ensure that patients are aware of the options available to them.  We also advertise self-care and self-referral options in our waiting room and on our practice website.

Negotiated care

As a training practice teaching student doctors, foundation doctors and speciality training doctors we place a large emphasis in fine tuning our communication skills.  A large part of this is ensuring that a patient’s ideas, concerns and expectations are explicit, understood and met wherever possible.  Consequently, we expect our team to try to negotiate care at all times ensuring that we deliver care at our high standards whilst meetings a patient’s expectations.

Relaxing surroundings

To help create a relaxing environment whilst visiting out practice we offer a large waiting room with comfortable padded seats.  We play music in the waiting room partly as an aural distraction from other conversations that may be occurring in the room but also to use music as a therapy to help create a calming environment.  For children, we have a small play area with some toys that are easy to wipe clean.  We provide magazines to read alongside clinical information for patients who are more inclined to learn about health. We employ two dedicated domestic team members who clean the practice daily.

Service with a smile

All of our team have been trained in customer services.  We aim to foster a happy work environment in an effort to spread positivity at the surgery.