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The Practice Participation Group Report 2014 / 2015

The purpose of the Patient Participation Group is to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided and, over time, commissioned by the practice. It aims to encourage us to routinely ask for and act on the views of patients. This includes patients being involved in decisions that lead to changes to the services we provide.

Our PPG group has gained more members this year.  The advertising campaign we initiated last year has obviously worked.


Our action plan in March 2012 for this year stated that we would endeavour to increase the number of members on our PPG.  We continue to advertise on our notice boards, have leaflets in the waiting area, on our website, by word of mouth and via the clinicians.  At several points during the year in 1 week blocks we have arranged for our receptionists to hand out a leaflet explaining the PPG group to any patient that comes into the surgery.  Letters have again been sent out to housebound patients and minority groups so that we gain as large a representative of our practice population as possible who are on our PPG.

As a result of these actions our group has increased to 53 patients.  There are 37 Females and 16 Males

Age: Group        16 & under   1

17 - 24        5

25 – 34       4

35 – 44       9

        45 – 54       11

55 – 64       17

        65 – 74       6

75 - 84        0

        Over 84       0


Work will continue during 2013/2014 to further develop this group and expand our members even more.

Communication was another area that we wanted to improve upon in last year’s action plan. The result of last year’s survey showed that many patients accessed information about the surgery through our notice boards and this year we have endeavoured to use our notice boards for this purpose. The board next to our reception desk has been used to communicate important information about changes in the practice, for example a change in the practice partnership, change in extended hour’s provision. This board was chosen as it can be seen by all patients accessing the surgery, not just the ones which have an appointment and sit in the waiting room. We have also developed a practice newsletter on a quarterly basis. Patients have been complimentary about the information in this newsletter and therefore we feel that this has been a success this year. We will continue with the quarterly newsletters and to develop other ways of communicating with our patients.

The members of the PPG were contacted earlier this year for their opinions of the areas that they thought could be improved upon/looked at in this year’s patient survey.

Most of our patient participation members stated they were happy with the service they receive and therefore couldn’t comment. One member thought that auditing last year’s changes to the appointment system would be useful. It was also suggested by a member that we look at our extended hours clinics. We contacted our PPG several months ago to ask their opinion of our extended hour’s provision at the surgery and the timings of those clinics. From this it was agreed with the Primary Care Trust (PCT) that we would offer more appointments on a Wednesday evening and less on a Wednesday morning.

Discussions took place in practice meetings regarding the contents of the practice survey for this year. It was suggested that we ask our PPG for views regarding our practice again becoming a Registrar Training Practice as we were many years ago. This is an area we would like to develop this year.

We therefore decided that the following areas would be covered:

1 Appointments

2 Extended Hours

3 Future Changes and becoming a Registrar Training Practice.

These areas formed the basis for our practice survey.  We felt that it was important not to have too many questions in our survey as this would deter patients from completing it. The survey was thus compiled and emailed to the PPG for their opinion and agreement and a time frame for handing these surveys out was suggested. All members who responded were in agreement to this survey being given out to our patients.

The survey was then handed out to all patients who came through the surgery doors on 5 consecutive days.

Survey Results and Action Planning

Over these 5 days 94 questionnaires were completed. This figure is lower than last year and therefore the results from both surveys cannot be readily compared. The age range of patients completing the questionnaire was:

Under 18   2

18-24       13

25-34       11

35-44       25

45-54       18

55-64       15

65-74       7

75-84       3

85 & over  0

The survey results were collated and emailed to the PPG for their consideration and comments. The results were also discussed at a practice meeting. The comments that came through were positive.

After discussions it was agreed that big improvements had taken place in the appointment system since last year’s survey and the changes that were made at that time. However not all patients were aware of the extended hours’ appointments and if they were they did not know much about a Nurse Prescriber and what sort of conditions they could treat. Although we advertise our extended hours in many places eg web sites, practice leaflet, waiting room and newsletter it was agreed that we would organise a campaign of promotion for the extended hours and include a section on the Nurse Prescriber’s role. The partners at the surgery all agreed that when making appointments for the extended hour’s clinic they would emphasise that the appointment is with our Nurse Prescriber and explain their role. From our survey last year it was noted that patients obtained a great deal of information from our notice boards and so it was decided that 1 of our notice boards would be set aside explain the different job roles of staff members in the practice.

It was also noted that results and comments from the survey were all positive regarding us becoming a Registrar Training Practice. It was agreed that we would go ahead with our application to become a training practice this year.

In summary our action plan is:

Practice Summary

The results of the survey this year have been very positive towards the actions we took after last year’s survey to improve our appointment system. It also showed from the comments we received back from the survey that many patients have a much better outlook regarding our practice and making appointments / communicating with us. One patient commented “I am able to ring later on in the morning and still be able to get an appointment for the same day”.

In the coming months we will implement the changes specified in our action plan and re-survey our patients later in the year to see if these changes have been successful.