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Practice code - C86012

Oakwood Surgery The Care for all the family, from sapling to great oak.

The Oakwood Surgery CQC Readiness Reckoner

Key information

Registration and inspection details

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Our CQC presentation (2015)

Our Statement of Purpose

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Services we offer

How informed consent is obtained

Shared decision making with the patient




Listening and responding to patients

Managing risk

Improving quality

Health promotion, self-care and service information

You said, we did

We Are Safe

Is the practice clean and safe?

Are medicines managed properly?

Are those who need safeguarding supported?

Is there learning from safety incidents?

We Are Effective

Are patients given the right diagnosis and treatment?

Is the care of patients with long term conditions managed well?

Are patients referred appropriately to specialist services?

Are patients and carers involved in decisions about their care?

We Are Caring

Are patients treated with compassion, dignity and respect?

We Are Responsive

Does the practice assess and respond to the needs of the local population, including in relation to access to appointments?

- Virtual patient participation group

- Reviews on Facebook

- Twitter

- Reviews on NHS Choices

- Friends and Family cards in the waiting room

- Friends and Family feedback via our practice website

- Electronic feedback form on our website

How does the practice respond to patient feedback?

Does the practice have a patient group?

How are medical records stored and shared with the patient and other services?

We Are Well-led

Is training provided?

These training sessions include


Fire safety

Information Governance

- have access to at least 8 out of house training sessions per year know locally as FORUM TARGET.

- are expected to attend a GP Update course at least once every three years.

Does the practice have good quality governance?

Is there a focus on continuous improvement?

How does the practice work with other health and adult social care services?