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This policy applies to all forms of leave:

 Annual Leave

 Study Leave

 Paternity/Maternity Leave

 Only one F2/GPStR will be allowed leave at any one time (with the exception of parental leave)

 One month’s notice of intended holiday to be given to the Trainer

 Applications for leave must be made using the leave request forms

 Applications must be approved via the manager

 All leave to be recorded in the Trainee’s personal file and in the leave diary for all clinicians


All leave requests:

 Must be on the appropriate form

 Must be discussed with your trainer first

 Your trainer must sign form

 Only one trainee off at one time

 All study and holiday applied at least 4 weeks before planned leave

Study Leave:

 Your study leave is 5 days per six months

 This is over and above the HDRC study time

 Only approved courses will be allowed within this time

 Must be applied for at least 8 weeks before planned leave

 Must comply with Doncaster GPST Programme Guidance

 Approval for the course must go through the following steps:

o Discuss with trainer

o Update PDP to reflect course

o Complete FRS surgery study leave form

o Apply to Doncaster GPST Programme via Lynn Sanford with appropriate electronic forms completed

o Ensure Mr Kemm has a copy of the completed form

Sick Leave:

 Please complete absence form as soon as you return from any absence due to illness