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Registrar Training Handbook

“Excellence in education”

Work Placed Based Assessments (WPBAs)

 The ePortfolio will be reviewed regularly and if there are a lack of entries, educator notes will be used to remind you.  

 Remember, it is ultimately your responsibility

There are also a range of assessments to be completed before the local Doncaster ARCP panels

These need to be arrange through Dr Eggitt but can be done within the following sessions:


Assessment Who Where


DOPS GP Partner  Any surgery

COTs Dr Eggitt

Joint Surgery with Dr Eggitt

Video tutorials

CBD Dr Eggitt As arranged with Dr Eggitt


 Maintaining the ePortfolio is difficult and time consuming.  We understand and sympathise with this, but ask you to remember that it is an integral and unavoidable part of your learning.

 During the normal working week, you have the opportunity to add to the ePortfolio in-between surgeries and in your personal study half days.  The ePortfolio is an ongoing learning tool and should be regularly updated.

 We think there is enough time for you to add good numbers of entries but if you choose to conduct other activities during the time you may have to complete the ePortfolio during evenings and weekends.  By hook or by crook, it must be done!