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Video recording

We encourage you to video yourself consulting for several reasons:

 How am I doing?

 CSA Reviewing

 COTs (at lease 3 should be done with this technique)

 Getting you comfortable with ‘observation’

The camera links into Dr Eggitt’s computer  to allow review of the consultations.

Process for organising video surgeries:

1. Discuss with reception best surgery to do videoing

2. Agree this and get a ‘Video Tag’ added to your surgery screen

3. Ensure there are enough ‘Video Consent Forms’ with reception.  Download your form here

4. Ask Dr Eggitt for the video camera

5. Familiarise yourself with the video camera

6. Check the consent with the patient before you start videoing

7. Check the consent with the patient after the videoing has finished

8. Make arrangements how to review the videos

a. By yourself

b. Or with Dr Eggitt

9. Once you have finished with the camera, please return to Dr Eggitt.  You will be responsible for the camera whilst it is in your possession.