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Registrar Training Handbook

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Urgent Investigations

 These should only be requested if urgently needed and will affect the management of the patient

 Please remember that urgent patients are slotted in between already full clinics and so any urgent requests makes a big difference to the workload of others.

 Be polite and ask your colleague if they have the time to do the test, rather than tell them to do it.

 If there is no capacity to do the test at the practice urgently, then speak to your supervisor.

Haematology/Biochemistry/Microbiology (including swabs)

 Ask the healthcare assistant or nurse if it would be possible to do the test now, or do it yourself.

 Complete all the details on the request form.  Don’t forget to add your trainee pathology number.

 Write on the form ‘urgent request: please phone result through’.

 Someone will need to phone ahead through to the labs so that they are prepared to receive an urgent sample – either do this yourself or kindly ask one of the reception staff to do this on your behalf.

 Samples are collected at 1pm at the latest.  Any samples done after this time will not be taken to the hospital the same day.  If the sample is still needed urgently in the afternoon, then the patient will have to be sent to the hospital to have their bloods done there.


 There are few reasons why an urgent same day ECG is needed in primary care.  If there is something acutely wrong with a patient’s heart, then they usually need to be in hospital.

 Ask the healthcare assistant or nurse if it would be possible to do the test now, or do it yourself.

 Once the ECG is done, the healthcare assistant or nurse will show it to you straight away.  Be prepared to read it and act upon it straight away.

 In reality, if the ECG is genuinely urgent then the patient is likely to need admission or AE.