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The Oakwood Surgery

Registrar Training Handbook

“Excellence in education”

Communicating with the extended Primary Health Care Team

During you time at The Oakwood Surgery you will come into contact with:

o Midwives

o District nurses

o Health visitors

o School nurses

o Pharmacists

o Physiotherapists

o Community Intervention Team

o Social Services

o Community Mental Health Team

o Elderly Community Mental Health Team

Please be polite and courteous to all professionals that you come into contact with.  We all play our own small but important part in the wider NHS and healthcare community.  There is very little to be gained from upsetting your colleagues, but much to be gained from befriending them!

Contacting your trainer

It is essential that you can access your trainer or their nominated deputy at all times.

You will usually be working at the same time and same venue as your trainer and will be able to ask for help whenever you need it.

If you need help with your computer or stationary, please speak to one of the reception team who will be able to help.


Dr S Phillips - Ext 212

Dr R Harding - Ext 211  

Dr D Eggitt - Ext 213  


Jane Cartwright - Ext 230

Tina Hope - Ext 230  


GPStR - Ext 215

F2- Ext 214  


Main Treatment Room - Ext 216  

Healthcare Room - Ext 217