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Services offered by the practice

Liquid Nitrogen

 For those patients who require cryotherapy to simple skin tags and warts.  

 Book in for an appointment with Dr Eggitt.

 This service is not used for warts and verrucas which can easily be treated with Bazuka Gel.  If you are unsure, please ask.


 Provided by Dr Harding

 Please discuss with Dr Harding before booking in

Ring pessary

Coils / IUD

Endometrial Biopsy

 Provided by Dr Philips

 Please discuss with Dr Phillips before booking


 We are fortunate to have a physiotherapist here at the practice.

 Referrals are made via the leaflet which can be found in your room.  Please complete the back of the leaflet and give it to the patient.  It is then the patient’s responsibility to contact the number provided, book their own appointment which will be delivered here at the practice and take the leaflet with them.

Minor Surgery

 Dr Eggitt provides minor surgery for the practice and usually has a clinic every other week.

 If you are not sure: ask…..

 After the decision has been made to offer the procedure, the name should be given to reception to book the appropriate appointment

 Services provided include

o Skin Tags (including on eyelids)

o Seborrheoic Keratoses

o Lipomas

o Sebaceous Cysts

o Warts

o Benign Naevi

o Ingrowing toenails