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Registrar Training Handbook

“Excellence in education”

Referral Letters


 To provide clear and concise letters that are easy to read, summarise the relevant information for the receiving clinicians

Choose & Book

 2ww referrals are via ‘Choose & Book’.  Add the patient as an appointment under the Choose and Book session on the day.

Suspected Cancer Referrals

 This must go through the 2 week wait process on a pro-forma

 These ‘pro-formas’ are ‘auto-letters’: please ask you supervisor to show you how to access these

 The patient must be informed that they will be seen at the hospital within 2 weeks and if not to inform the practice that this has not happened

 This should be recorded in the notes

 This must be handed to a receptionist with the words ‘this is a two-week wait referral’

How to Get a Letter Typed

 Type it yourself!

Format of Letter

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for seeing this… year old patient who presented with …

Further history reveals…

On examination I have found…

Investigations done so far have shown…

I wonder if this is…

I would be grateful if you would…

Kindest Regards,

Dr X

Medications and problems will be automatically added to the letter by SystmOne.

Save, Print off and sign the letter.

Give it to Janie to forward to the relevant department.