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Registrar Training Handbook

“Excellence in education”


This is a contractual requirement and not optional

Minimum Requirement

o You will be expected to do at least 1 session per WTE month in GP post

o Each shift should be a minimum of 4 hours but is usually be longer: This is a minimum….

o More sessions may be needed if your trainer or OOHs supervisor feel that the necessary experience has not been gained or that the minimum standard has not been reached

o It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the necessary number of sessions to complete the requirements for COGPED Out Of Hours Experience [Jan 2010]

Timing Of Sessions

o Your first session should be an evening weekday shift

o At least 60% of the sessions must be at the weekend

o 40% sessions can be during the week (Monday to Friday)

o If wanted all sessions can be at the weekend

o A bank holiday Monday counts as a weekend

o Spread out your sessions over at least 4 months

o An 8 hour session will count as ‘two sessions’ only once every 6 months WTE GP Post

o Each session will consist of at least 4 hours of clinical work and a maximum of ½ hour of debriefing time

Working Time Directive [WTD]

o This is not negotiable

o This is your responsibility to ensure it ‘happens’ [by speaking with your employing practice]

Working Time Directive states:

o Work is limited to 13 hours at a stretch

o 11 hours’ rest is mandated for every 24-hour period

o There should be a minimum 20-minute break when someone works for more than six hours

o The WTD is something you and your employer cannot opt out of

o If you are working a weekday OOHs session, you may need to adjust your daytime surgery working to ensure you are not working more than 13 hours at a stretch

o If you are working a weekday OOHs session, you must not restart work until you have had a 11-hour rest period

o This means that doing an evening shift on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday that you can not work for 11 hours after the OOH session ends

o This means if you work any of these sessions, you need to make arrangements with your practice to start later

o This is a time shift of practice work and you will be expected to make up the ‘missed time’

o In reality this should occur a maximum of three times per 6 months in general practice [you could of course opt not to do any of these shifts and therefore not fall into this ruling]

Place Out of Hours Work

o Each session will be completed at one of two locations:


Unplanned Care Centre

Emergency Department

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Armthorpe Road




Triage Centre

Top Floor

Devonshire House

Cavendish Court

South Parade


DN1 2DJ[You will be emailed before the session at which location you will based by the OOHs administrators]


o You will have an ‘Out of Hours Supervisor’ to work with you during your session

o This should be your current trainer if they do ‘Out Of Hours’

o The RotaMaster System will give you access go the ‘available shifts’ with all OOHs Supervisors: please ensure you have a maximum of 2 during your time working at OOHs

o If there are specific issues, please email Dr Bundy to help resolve []


o At the end of your session you must ensure that your OOH supervisor completes the COGPED ‘Out Of Hours Worksheet’ [a signed hard copy is obligatory]

o You should ensure that your ‘feedback form’ is completed

o The session should also be added to your ePortfolio under ‘OOHs’: please scan the OOH Worksheet and reflect of the session

o Your OOH supervisor, trainer and Review & ARCP Panels will confirm how many OOH sessions you have completed by looking on your ePortfolio

o If you fail to complete the requirements to satisfy your ARCP Panel then you may automatically fail your progression between ST years


o Dr Bundy is the ‘Out Of Hours’ lead for the Doncaster GP Specialty Training Programme

o Any problems, concerns or questions should first be discussed with your trainer and if there are still queries then Dr Bundy should be able to help

o If there are problems logging on or problems with the rota please email Nick:

Arranging your sessions:

o You will be given your ‘Rotamaster’ password during your OOHs induction session

o The RotaMaster System will give you access go the ‘available shifts’ with all OOHs Supervisors: please ensure you have a maximum of 2 during each OOHs post

o If there is an urgent problem: please phone the iCHAT room on 01302 647609

o Shifts can be booked as far as ‘RotaMaster’ is populated [usually 3 months in advance]

o It is sensible to check ‘RotaMaster’ that the session is still booked going ahead 24 hours before the session is due to start [you don’t want to turn up and have to go home] [worth taking your supervisor’s mobile number to text/phone should there be problems]

o Only one trainee per OOH Supervisor

o The earlier you arrange the session: the more likely you will be to get your session

o Any cancellations must be informed by email to Nick Ball by email at least 5 working days before your shift

o Please note if you fail to attend a pre-arranged shift, your educational supervisor and trainer will get an automatic letter informing of your non-attendance along with an ‘Educator Note’ on your ePortfolio

o Only 2 trainees can attend at any one time during normal OOHs working providing there are 2 OOH Supervisors working as there is limited working space

o Only 1 trainee can attend at any one time during ‘Bank Holiday’ iCHAT working