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Registrar Training Handbook

“Excellence in education”

Maximising your experience

When booking your surgeries we try to vary your experience bearing in mind the following factors

o Your ST year

o Your current pressures  [exams: shorter appointments, more videos, more joint surgeries]

o Workload within the consultations [QOFs, ‘added value’, patient mix]

o Observations following debriefs

o Your ePortfolio

o Feedback from the non-trainer supervised debriefs

o Receptionist feedback

o Timekeeping

o Other PCHT member feedback

The balance of case mix during a session is carefully monitored and adjusted to ensure a broad variety of patients.  This is achieved by

Face to face consultations

Most of your consultations will be face to face.  You will start on 30 minute appointment and bit by bit work your way towards 10 minute appointments by the end of ST3.

Telephone triage

Patients are effectively screened by us before you see them.  We will ensure that they are appropriate for you to see.  You will be given the opportunity to talk to patients and conduct triage over the telephone.

Telephone consultations

These are introduced after roughly 3 months in practice.  This is usually done after gaining some experience at the out of hours service.

Chronic disease clinics

You will have the opportunity to see patients which chronic diseases.  These are usually co managed between doctors and our nurse team.  The exposure that you need to each chronic disease area depends upon your own personal learning needs.  Patients will be allocated to you as the need arises following review of your ePortfolio, debriefs and feedback from the PCHT.

Minor surgery

You will have the opportunity to join Dr Eggitt in the minor surgery clinic.

Baby Clinic

You will be expected to work with supervision as the doctor supervising the baby clinic conducting 6-8 week old baby checks.