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Registrar Training Handbook

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Nexplanon, ICUD [Mirena] & Coils….

 All women being reviewed for contraception should be offered long acting reversible contraception and coded to show this.

 There is a template for this, where you can simply tick the box showing that you have offered LARC advice.

 Long Acting Reversible Contraception is one of the following

o Nexplanon

o Depo-Provera

o Mirena

o Copper coil


 Discuss any uncertainty with your supervisor before booking

 Consider swabs before coil or Mirena fitting

 Please ensure the woman is not pregnant

 All Nexplanon need a prescription issuing in advance

 The normal/routine fitting is made through reception: please write on a slip of paper required procedure

 Coils/Mirena: please book for triple swabs and then book a telephone appointment with Dr Phillips to counsel the patient

 Depo-Provera: book within the first 5 days of period starting

 Nexplanon: please book a telephone appointment with Dr Harding to counsel the patient

 Coils for post coital contraception: appointment can be booked up to 19 days of the period starting AND within 5 days of unprotected sex.  Book a telephone appointment with Dr Phillips to counsel the patient.  If Dr Phillips is not available, signpost the patient to the East Laithgate Sexual Health Clinic.

 If the Mirena is fitted for menstrual or HRT reasons and the lady has contraception [male/female sterilization]: the coil can be fitted at any time during the cycle

Device Duration of action

Nexplanon 3 years

Mirena 5 years

Copper Coil 3 years

Depo-Provera 12 weeks

Read Code Short Code Read Code

Advice About Long Acting Reversible Contraception LARC 8Caw.00