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Registrar Training Handbook

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Information Governance



Policy Statement

This Practice is committed to preserving, as far as is practical, the security of data used by our Information Systems.  This means that we will take all reasonable actions to:

Maintain the CONFIDENTIALITY of all data within the Practice by:

 Ensuring that only authorised persons can gain access to our System

 Not disclosing information to anyone who has no right to see it

Maintain the INTEGRITY of all data within the Practice by:

 Taking care over input

 Ensuring that all changes are reported and monitored

 Checking that the correct Record is on the screen before updating any information

 Learning how the System should be used and keeping up-to-date with changes which may affect functionality

 Reporting all apparent errors and ensuring they are resolved

Maintain the AVAILABILITY of all data by:

 Ensuring that all equipment is protected from intruders

 Ensuring that Backups are taken at regular, pre-determined intervals

 Ensuring that contingency is provided for possible failure or equipment theft and that any such contingency plans are tested and kept up-to-date

The Practice will take all reasonable measures to comply with our legal responsibilities under:

 The Data Protection Act (1998)

 The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988)

 The Health & Safety at Work Act (1992)

 The Access to Health Records Act (1990)

All members of the Practice will endeavour to increase their awareness of Security Issues

A first and necessary pre-requisite will be to complete the online information governance toolkit and to provide Jane with a copy of the certificate of completion.  Please discuss this with Jane.