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Registrar Training Handbook

“Excellence in education”

Contractual obligations

 You must maintain current GMC registration

 You need to be on a National Performers list

 Have a currently valid CRB /DBS check

 You must have medical defence organisation cover during your general practice post

 Have an ‘NHS Smart Card’

Normal Working Week
o Payment for GP Trainees during normal working hours is that of a 40 hour week
o Included in this time is time for half-day release activities
o Contractually the working day starts when the trainee session’s starts at the Practice and ends when the session is scheduled to finish
o Lunchtimes are not included in the working hours
o The ½ day per week off has never been a contractual obligation on the part of the employer, but we accept that by custom and practice it has become an expectation of trainees to have a ‘Personal Study’ half-day
o There should be no problem in a trainee having the ‘personal study half-day’ during the week as long as they can demonstrate that they are undertaking timetabled sessions for 40 hours per week in their Training Practice.  This can include surgeries visiting time, study and audit time etc.  This should give Registrars flexibility whilst meeting their contractual obligations

Out of Hours

o Trainees are contractually obliged to undertake no less than sixteen 4 ½ hours sessions (or equivalent with about ½ hour debriefing) in the 12 month GP training

o This is addition to your contracted 40 hours and allows payment of the 40% supplement

o It is recommended that trainees undertake at least 8 sessions in the first 6 months

o It is important that trainees do not exceed the maximum permitted hours as stipulated by the European Working Time Directive

 Please also refer to the ‘The Oakwood Surgery Employee Handbook”.  This is available on the intranet.