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The Oakwood Surgery

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The Oakwood Surgery follows the NHS Complaints Procedure

A full version of ‘The Oakwood Surgery Complaints Procedure’ is available for download by clicking here

Here are the highlights:

 The Complaints Manager for the Practice is the Practice Manager

 All complaints should be directed to Jane

 The ‘responsible person’ for the practice is Dr Phillips

 Patients may complain to the practice, or to the Area Team.

 All complaints, written and verbal will be recorded

 Written complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days of receipt

 If a complaint is made verbally and is resolved to the complainants satisfaction within 24 hours, it need not be responded to formally

 The reply to the patient should be made within 10 working days [with updates and estimated timescale if the investigation is taking longer]

 Patients can make complaints within 12 months of the incident or coming to their attention

 If a patient is unhappy with the outcome of the complaint they can ‘escalate’ the complaint by involving the Ombudsman